Boosting sales
for local retailers

Making buying local
easy for consumers

Local, Green, Fast, Fun.

Finally, an online shopping platform that works for small, independent retailers.

WyGO makes it easy for both the retailer and consumer to enjoy the benefits of online sales and delivery. We help small businesses tie together all back office, POS, delivery and online systems and services to provide a top-of-the-line, enterprise-level online shopping platform. WyGO offers big-company scale with small-company customer service and a local focus.


The mission of WyGO is to strengthen community and help local business flourish by providing a convenient, eco-friendly, local-centric platform for consumers to order and receive goods and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does WyGO work with my POS system?

    Yes, WyGO systems are designed to integrate with the majority of the most popular point of sale systems and we have many integrations already in place. We specialize in uniting your POS, online, back office, and delivery systems in a seamless and cost-effective way.

  • Will I get to keep my website?

    Yes, WyGO only hosts your online store, which is customizable to look like your store’s website. We keep your branding consistent with the look and feel your customers expect.

  • Do you offer other services besides grocery delivery?

    Yes, WyGO delivers far more than groceries and we are equipped to deliver a wide range of goods such as floral, baskets, catering orders as well as consumer electronics. We can accommodate the majority of your business’s offerings.

  • Who do I call if there is an issue?

    You can reach your local WyGO customer representative for delivery issues. You will be interacting with people on a local basis and will only need to call WyGO corporate at 877-969-9466 for a small number of issues. Unlike Amazon, that is a top-down corporation, we’re bottom-up. Supporting local business owners is our top priority.