WyGO Priorities:
Support Local Retailers, Secure Data, Care for the Environment

Why WyGO

WyGO believes in preserving local commerce and culture by empowering independent businesses to thrive and compete. We do so by providing small- to mid-sized retailers with an enterprise-level online shopping system that offers easy integration with inventory systems and a delivery service that deploys electric vehicles driven by local people who earn a living wage.


Local businesses should have the same conveniences and modernization as large box stores. WyGO provides retailers with an online shopping and delivery platform that melds with their current systems, so they can compete on even footing with the big guys.

Safe and Secure

WyGO ties in smoothly with pre-existing backend systems, hosting online stores, handling the payment processing, and delivering the goods to customers – all while keeping store and customer data secure. Added safety comes with our professional delivery drivers, which protect business reputation and keep customers safe.

Green Values

Being green is a huge part of our business model and values. We are the only retail delivery service that runs with a fully electric delivery fleet. Our growth goals include becoming carbon neutral and being good environmental stewards.

Our Story

New Company, Seasoned Leaders

Metro Detroit-based WyGO launched in 2017 when a young automotive professional realized there was a huge void in the food delivery market.

After long work days and a grueling commute, he’d arrive home hungry, with an empty fridge, but could not get food delivered from his favorite local markets. Furthermore, he hated grocery shopping.

Thus began his quest to fill the gap in services. He piloted WyGO with a local, small-chain grocer, wearing all hats, including delivery driver. A few months into the venture, he delivered groceries to a customer who just happened to have 25 years of experience working with small to mid-size retailers. Whether coincidence or fate, their lengthy driveway chat turned into a partnership that’s lasted two years, with no plans for slowing.

Their responsibilities quickly fell into place, with one handling system operations and marketing and the other managing security, technology and software. But along with their talents melding to create a strong retail platform, they also had values that matched: they both wanted to operate a transparent, no-nonsense business model that could support local merchants for a manageable cost.

With both partners having roots in the Detroit area, helping local economies survive and thrive is part and parcel to what drives them.

Today, WyGO works with networks of local retailers in metro Detroit that now have modern, online shopping platforms with delivery – allowing them to compete and flourish. WyGO has its own uniquely marked, all-electric vehicle fleet and employs drivers from the local communities WyGO serves; the company’s W-2 employees earn a living wage serving the neighborhoods they know best.

For retailers, WyGO represents a path for growth and maintaining a strong foothold in the local market. For consumers, it’s local, green, fast and fun.